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[Day of the Dead skeleton in her garden with cat and parrots: 12k]

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CarolynLeigh.com includes Day of the Dead skeleton prints, explorations in black/white sketches/animations

Jardin del Perico, (Garden of the Parrot) from Carolyn Leigh's Day of the Dead skeleton prints. Purchase prints from the collection at CarolynLeigh.com

Zen stones we balance in the arroyo mostly seco.
Meditations on equilibrium in the Tucson Mountain Chaos.
Grey granite improbably poised on point in a pink flow of rhyolite intrusion.
Boulders turned to ballerinas wait for monsoon dancing waters to spin them tumbling round.
Sometimes the spoiler comes first, destroyer, scatterer of our stones.
We rebuild, rebalance.
There are plenty of stones - and more who build than who destroy.

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