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Highway driving guide to Alamos, Sonora, Mexico from Tucson, AZ, USA

Print this out and take it with you. If your printer will not print this from your web browser, copy and paste into a word processing document and print from that. Last modified April, 2014. RimJournal is not responsible for any errors in this guide.

Travelers going only as far as Guaymas/San Carlos on the toll road from Nogales do not need to get a vehicle permit or a tourist visa. For Alamos you must stop at the Km. 21 immigration office just south of the border to get your tourist visa and pay the approximately $28USDollar visa fee and then at the Km. 102 office south of Guaymas near Empalme to get the approximately $50USDollar Only Sonora permit for your vehicles OR have the 180 day temporary Vehicle Import Permit which you get at Km. 21. Be sure you have papers for ALL your vehicles, including ones being towed, as regulations can change on short notice.

Preliminaries | Tucson, Arizona through Nogales, Sonora | Customs at Km 21 | Km 21 through Magdalena | Magdalena through Hermosillo | Hermosillo through Guaymas | Guaymas through Ciudad Obregõn | Ciudad Obregõn through Navojoa | On to Alamos | Returning to Tucson | See also


Visas and Car Insurance

San Xavier Mexico Insurance, and Arizona AAA (American Automobile Association) sell Mexican auto insurance. They can tell you the papers needed for the tourist visa and car permit forms, but you have to do the forms at Mexican customs.

We recommend using one of these services, because they know the current regulations. It is still necessary to stop and have visas and the Vehicle Import Permit if you need it processed at the Km 21 customs checkpoint.

Mexico has a consulate in Tucson, but they are not always current on specific information for Sonora. They will tell you to ask at Km. 21.